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EchoTAGs - 2 Part RFIDs

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Pre-printedRFID tags with your information. Includes a Certificate of Conformance &Serial Number Worksheet. Minium order quantity of 50.



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Improved Processing

Similar to a Shop Traveler, EasySoft's EchoTAGs include an attached label or 'Echo-Strip' that repeats the RFID Serial Number barcode.  Placing the Echo-Strip on internal paperwork provides a permanent internal record of how the shipment was packed.  The Echo-Strip can then be scanned into the WAWF by using a wedge barcode scanner like the one in the Related Products column to the right.EchoTAGs for DOD RFIDEchoTAGs are RFID tags that are pre-programmed with globally unique RFID serial numbers.  They can be purchased in batches of 50, 100, or more.  The EchoTAGs can be stored and used against any number of contracts and National Stock Numbers (NSNs) over time until they are used-up.  As a shipment is prepared, RFID tags are applied to CASES.

DoD RFID Background

When properly used, the EchoTAGs serve two functions. First, they improve receiving processes within the DoD by instantly linking the received goods directly to the contract and the invoice.  Second, the EchoTAGs become a beacon for instantly locating inventory across the military supply chain.  The end result improves payment cycles for contractors and supply lines for the warfighter.  The RFID serial numbers are linked to a contract by the contractor at the time the Receiving Report is created on the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).  At that time, the contractor ‘packs’ (keys-in) the CASE RFID serial number. The contractor then links CASE RFIDs to a specific Contract Line Item (CLIN) and Quantity.  If PALLET RFIDs are used, the contractor ‘packs’ the PALLET RFID serial number and links it to the already entered CASE RFIDs.  

Each EchoTAG is programmed and printed in our lab according to mandates established by DFARS 252.211-7006 and other defining standards.  EchoTAGs come with a signed Certificate of Conformance and worksheets. Electronic files are sent to the contractor to facilitate WAWF data entry. Each RFID tag has a chip that is programmed with three pieces of information that make up the unique serial number: 1) CAGE Code; 2) CASE Identifier; 3) A Tag Number.  These three pieces of information are combined using Hexidecimal code to create a 24 character RFID Serial Number.

Material Info

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  • Abrasion:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Brand Name:
    EasySoft RFID
  • Chemicals:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Color:
    Matte White
  • Adhesive:
  • Impact/Brittleness:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Sea/Salt-Water:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Thermal:
  • UV & Outdoor:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Water:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate or Polyester Material
  • Short Description by Mfr:
    Paper Stock UHF RFID
  • Additional Comments:

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