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Military Shipment Label Software

EasyForm MSL enables MIL-STD-129 Barcoding and Labeling. Print Military Shipping Labels, Exteriors and Unit Packs. Our software is licensed on a perpetual basis per PC with the first year of updates and support inclusive. Choose your licensing options and then submit in order to place your order. Software purchases cannot be combined with other products and services in order to ensure license accountability for support and renewals. When combined with our stocks and expertise we offer a great Mil-Std-129R labeling solution. You can follow this link if you are returning to buy MSL Labels.

MIL-STD-129 Compliance Labeling!

EasySoft's barcoding solution for DoD shipping compliance is the leading program for Mil-Std-129R shipping compliance.  If you are just getting started with DoD contracts or if you are bringing DoD packaging and shipping back in-house, then EasyForm MSL is the answer for you. EasyForm MSL was one of the first desktop solutions for military-packaging and barcode compliance.

Thousands of contractors have chosen EasyForm as their labeling compliance system because of its incredible value. EasyForm MSL comes with features that make it a virtually perfect fit for most DoD contractors.  Rather than paying for features you don't need, EasySoft lets you purchase just what you need for your specific contracting situation.

Base-Level Edition

Unit Pack Labels
Intermediate Container Identification Markings
Exterior Container Identification Markings
Barcoded Serial Numbers & Serial Number Lists
Military Shipping Labels aka MSL Labels

Fee Schedule for software licenses by number of PCsFee Schedule for software licenses by number of PCs

Software Upgrades

All features of the Base Level Edition plus...
RFID Labels, 4x2, EchoTAGs (with Shop Travelers)
MSL-RFID Combination 'Smart Labels'
RFID History and Microsoft Excel exports
RFID Load Builder

All features of the Base Level Edition plus...
Ability to embed UII data into Unit, Intermediate, and Exterior labels
Barcoded packing sheets for individual packages and whole shipment
UID full shipment nesting load builder


What data do I need for my labels?
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Contract-specific data can be found on the contract itself and includes things like the Contract Number, the Required Delivery Date, the NSN, and your CAGE Code. Non-Contract Specific data in primarily descriptive of the shipment itself such as the Ship-Date, Weights, Cubes, Serial Numbers, and Quantities within each Packing-Level.

Will I be rejected if I do not label my shipment?
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That is like asking if you will get a ticket if you speed. Only if you get caught. And just like speeding, you'll likely feel the pain in more than one way. The shipment may be rejected and when that happens there is no payment. You may or may not hear about it in a timely fashion which means you may not be paid for a long time. You will likely have to spend considerable staff-time researching what seems to be the problem. You may be charged back by the receiving entity for them having to label (or re-label) your shipment - and it won't be cheap. We're talking hundreds of dollars. Lastly your company's Quality Performance Score with the government suffers and negatively impacts your ability to win future contracts.

I have never been rejected in the past for not labeling according to 129, why was I rejected this time?
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Since mid-2014 it has been our experience that the government is increasing the level of scrutiny to its inbound supply chain operations resulting in increased reject rates.

Do I need to overlaminate my labels?
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This is a tough one. Throughout Mil-Std-129 there are clear requirements for the use of overlaminate on exterior containers. We do recommend for it.

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