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Sheets, Exterior Container Sheets - 100 Pack

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Polyester Weatherproof Laser Sheet 4.25 x 5.5 inch labels 4 per Sheet. 100 Pack. For printing Exterior Container Labels plus Serialized Intermediates.



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Item Details

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Use these blank label sheets to make military packing labels for exterior containers shipped for DoD contracts. EasySoft makes this laser stock with permanent self adhesive for Mil-Std-129 shipping needs.

This label stock features:

  • Permanent adhesive
  • Bright white face stock for excellent contrast between barcodes
  • Heavy stock material
  • Custom cut to provide Exterior Container Identification Markings
  • Works with EasySoft's Corporation's EasyForm MSL software
  • Works with most desktop laser printers

This stock was specifically designed for and is guaranteed to work with EasySoft's Mil-Std-129 Barcode Labeling software. This label is for printing Exterior Container Barcodes HONDURAS and Human Readable markings. For use on exterior containers holding serialized and non-serialized items. Can also be used for Intermediate Containers containing either Serialized and UID products.

For use with laser printers. Sold in Packs of 100 sheets. Pricing is per Pack.

Material description from Mil-Prf-61002MIL-PRF-61002-I-A-l-a: Type I (blank label sheets)-GRADE C (Adhesion Only) - Style 2 (porous surfaces) - Composition a (paper).NOTE: To achieve weatherproof / waterproof performance, cover printed labels with protective tape to achieve MIL-PRF-61002-III-A/B-1/2-a/b. Tape specified in the standard is "ASTM D 5486, type I, class 2 tape, or equivalent protection, shall be applied to or shall be inherent to the label." See this tape in the related products column to the right.

Material Info

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  • Abrasion:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Brand Name:
  • Chemicals:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Color:
    Matte White Uncoated
  • Impact/Brittleness:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Sea/Salt-Water:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Thermal:
    -37 degrees F through +200 degrees F
  • UV & Outdoor:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate
  • Water:
    Poor: Requires Overlaminate or Polyester Material
  • Short Description by Mfr:
    Die-Cut Sheets for Laser Printers
  • Additional Comments:

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