Compliance Hardware and Bundles

Compliance Printers and Scanners

Printer specifications may vary according to which mil-standards are required. Barcode labeling should be produced with either laser printers or thermal transfer pritners. (Inkjet and Direct-Thermal will not meet compliance requirements). In order to achieve UID quality grading during verification, DPI levels of 300 or more are encouraged.

In all of the standards we cover, contractors are required to verify that barcodes, RFID, and UID are machine readable at the time of shipment. Mil-Std-129 readers should read Code 39 (sometimes Code 3 of 9) and PDF 417 symbology. Mil-Std-130 readers should read the 2D Data Matrix symbol (also known as Data Matrix ECC 200).

Compliance Bundles

If you are wanting to bring compliance in-house, these bundles should get you up and running fairly quickly. The bundles include hardware and software and consumables where appropriate.

Mil-Std-129 Bundle gets your package labeling for MSLs and Unit Packs, etc.

UID Bundle gets you printing with a 300 DPI printer and most importantly comes with a verifier for confirming both the quality of the print and the conformance of the data inside the barcode itself.

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